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July 2009



4th OF JULY!!

Used Film and Digital Products




Look what we are selling !!

For technical data and articles regarding lenses and cameras click here.

Camren offers Senor Cleaning for APS-C sized and full frame sensors of Digital SLR's. Click here for more data

Our Rental Catalog is available for download here as a pdf

EQUIPMENT FOR  SALE  HIGHLIGHTS (Come in or call for more information)

Canon EOS 30D USED

8 Megapixel

30 Day Warranty

$699.99 price reduced

Nikon D2X USED

12 megapixel

30 Day Warranty

$1599.99 price reduced

Fuji S3 Pro USED

12.34 megapixel

30 Day Warranty

$699.00 price reduced

Nikon D2H USED

4.1 megapixel

30 Day Warranty

$699.00 price reduced

Mamiya Pro TL USED

With Power winder, original box,

manual, and 120 back.

$699.99 price reduced


Nikkor AF 24-85 F/3.5-4.5 $149.99

Tokina (N)70-210mm f/4-5.6 $100.00

Bronica 150mm F/3.5 $150.00

Hasselblad 150mm F/4 $300.00

Hasselblad 50mm F/4 $500.00

Mamiya RZ67 90mm F/3.5 $505.00


Canon Speedlite 550 $275.00

Nikon SB 28 Speedlite $125.00

Mamiya 120 RB67 back $50.00

Bronica 220 back $30.00

Bronica Polaroid Back $50.00

Come and see our back room showcase for prices on background equipment, sand-bags, stands, and other things you might need.

Click here for a map to our location at 1340 West Byers Place.

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The Lomograph

Audrey Grey, contributor to PictureBusiness magazine, created an article about how the Lomographic Society is keeping the breath of life in artistic film photography and process. The following is an excerpt from the article, as printed in the June 2009 release.

The craze started among feather-weight belly shirts, distressed denim minis and gift books like "The Big O." Prominently displayed there in the windows of Urban Outfitters stores nationwide was a selection of vintage-looking plastic "toy" film cameras which could produce artsy, light-streaked prints.

The Diana, the Holga, and the Lomo LCA+, along with various pinhole camera kits and mini-Leicas, have been huge sellers for the clothing chain which caters primarily to the under-30 crowd. Now, The Lomography Society, the Vienna-based manufacturer responsible for the resurgence of many of these hipster-adopted film cams is trying its own hand at direct retail in the U.S.

Early in 2009, on a tony lane in Greenwich Village, the Lomography Gallery Store opened its doors to a throng of young enthusiasts who'd become familiar with "lomo" cameras and shooting techniques through Urban Outfitters and an impressive viral marketing campaign.

Though a full retail environment, the Lomography Gallery Store also offers seminars, film processing, parties, photo walks, camera loan programs and a space for customer exhibits. We asked store manager Nicole Bogatitus to tell us about what's developed in the first 100 days...

PB: We're fascinated by one of Lomography's tag lines: "The Future is Analog." Can you tell us about the rebirth of interest in film cameras and techniques in the U.S.?

NB: Film still has warmth and depth to it that digital has not yet been able to duplicate. There are many that are still fiercely loyal to film and will not go digital, as they realize that digital is not a replacement for film but simply an alternative. There's also the spontaneity that shooting with film allows you; with film you don't know what result you are going to get until you get your film back. It seems there is a whole generation that has grown up with the completely digital lifestyle and film is something that is entirely new and exciting to them.

PB: We've heard tell of a "Lomo Wall" featuring 35,000 hand-mounted photographs. True story? What other design elements are you planning for the show room?

NB: We have a three-story tall structure in the rear of our store which has affectionately been dubbed "the tower". It is plastered with the LomoWall, which has the 35,000 photos you mentioned. These photographs were culled from an online submission where we called for New York photographs, so they are from Lomographers all around the globe. We also have in the works Gallery showings, so we will have removable gallery panels where we will have Lomography exhibitions. []

To view the entire article, click here.

Just for fun, try running the term "lomo" into a search engine to see distinctly lomo images. Or view more at


The Hershey 2400 w/s Ring Light


We recently upgraded our Hershey Ring Light so that it is compatible with more studio equipment. Our ring light now is capable of 2400 w/s illumination and is for use with Profoto, Norman, and Speedotron lighting systems. The ring light casts a unique quality of light and shadow into a photograph and are popular in portrait and fashion photography.

Our flash head rents for $20 / day. Pack rental prices vary.

Please call ahead for reservations.

Photo In the News

Phase One and Leaf T and in process of buying key elements relating to the Leaf brand from owners Kodak. Leaf Imaging has been created which allows Leaf to enter into an intellectual property licence agreement with Kodak. More at

Twitter Introduces TweetPhoto. Click here for information.

FocalPress announces Summer Photo Contest, open to all ages and photographers. Click here for more details.

Canon announces "The Perfect Day in Hawaii" amateur photo contest. Click here for an entry form.

Seven Brooklyn E-tailers nailed for fraud. Two companies that will dissolve completely are Camera Wiz and Sonic Photo. The following five companies will completely revamp their business practices and continue operation: Best Price Camera, Foto Connection, 1 Way Photo, 86th Street Photo and Broadway Photo, LLC. Click here for more details.

SanDisk presents storage solutions in a video by clicking here.

Apple doubles production of iPhones....

Fanfare releases iPhone photo-finishing app. For info, click here.

Kodak takes Kodachrome away. Click here for the obituary. is sponsoring the "Global Moment in Time" event. Plan on participating at exactly 15:00 GMT (3 in the afternoon) on July 18th, 2009 Click here for more info.

AP outbids Getty in NFL contract agreements. Click here for info.

Equipment Showcase

Canon EOS 5D

Canon EOS 5D



12.8 Megapixel

Includes BG-E4 Grip, one (1) battery & charger, strap, body cap, original box, instructions, and 30 Day Parts and Labor Warranty

Tamron 28-75 f/2.8

Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 XR DI



Like new with lens hood and caps.

Nikon D200

Nikon D200



10.2 Megapixel

Includes MB-D200 grip, one (1) battery & charger, strap, body cap, original boxes, EH-6 AC-adapter, instructions, and 30 Day Parts and Labor Warranty

Help your children or the children of your community have something to work towards this Summer by helping them explore nature then enter the Nature's Best Photography Photo Students Contest, Sponsored by Sigma.

Natures Best Photo Students


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