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June 2009

Used Film and Digital Products



Look what we are selling !!

For technical data and articles regarding lenses and cameras click here.

Camren offers Senor Cleaning for APS-C sized and full frame sensors of Digital SLR's. Click here for more data

Our Rental Catalog is available for download here as a pdf

EQUIPMENT FOR  SALE  HIGHLIGHTS (Come in or call for more information)

Canon EOS 30D USED

8 Megapixel

30 Day Warranty

$699.99 price reduced

Nikon D2X USED

12 megapixel

30 Day Warranty

$1599.99 price reduced

Fuji S3 Pro USED

12.34 megapixel

30 Day Warranty

$699.00 price reduced

Nikon D2H USED

4.1 megapixel

30 Day Warranty

$699.00 price reduced

Mamiya Pro TL USED

With Power winder, original box,

manual, and 120 back.

$699.99 price reduced


Nikkor AF 24-85 F/3.5-4.5 $149.99

Tokina (N)70-210mm f/4-5.6 $100.00

Bronica 150mm F/3.5 $150.00

Hasselblad 150mm F/4 $300.00

Hasselblad 50mm F/4 $500.00

Mamiya RZ67 90mm F/3.5 $505.00


Nikon SB 28 Speedlite $125.00

Mamiya 120 RB67 back $50.00

Bronica 220 back $30.00

Bronica Polaroid Back $50.00

Come and see our back room showcase for prices on background equipment, sand-bags, stands, and other things you might need.

Click here for a map to our location at 1340 West Byers Place.

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This month's photography magazines and industry business papers are full of talk of new accessory gear, the popularity of digital photo frames, and of the rise of the cellular phone camera.

However, there is one timely and popular thing occurring lately, something the cell-phone cams perform poorly at. (Though you can set your phone's wallpaper with these pretty images of nature). This thing is the macro photography of flowers. Even during a walk, macro photos are everywhere. You have to get close to the subject and simply be fascinated. Depth of field is a critical thing to consider when photographing flora. Cell-phone cameras cannot render the richness in depth of field that a DSLR or 35mm camera can. In turn, the DSLR and 35mm do not perform as precise in depth of field separation as medium or large format cameras do. Its physics and smaller format cameras simply have trouble separating layers of space in a photograph from other layers of space. The purpose of this article is to help apply control over the DSLR or 35mm camera's aperture so refinement of depth of field can be attained.

Fine-tuning the aperture setting is something people tend to have trouble with. Now, most SLR camera are equipped with a depth of field preview button, which allows you to see what depth of field a particular aperture will render before a photograph is captured. This subtracts wasted shots and adds more accurate ones. (Remember, the smaller the aperture number, i.e. f/4, the shallower the depth of field, meaning the less is in focus. Vice versa for, f/22). So, after you have set up your tripod, gained your composition, chosen to use or not use a polarizer or reflector or diffussion of some kind, have set your ISO and shutter, the time for aperture has come. Press the depth of field preview button if your camera has one. If you do not like the result, alter the aperture setting.

For instance, click on the above photo of the Spiderplant blooms. (In doing so a larger version will appear in your browser). These photos were taken in the shade with a small reflector bouncing light onto the scene. Tripod was in place and the ISO was set low, for tonality and color reproduction (very important). A range of photos were captured, but none of which were taken at anything less then f/8. F/8 is an excellent starting point with anything macro. Typically, faster apertures will not give you a desirable beginning field of depth. Like the photo illustration above, a starting point of f/11 helped, but the depth of field offered by f/11 and f/16 were more of the desired effect. And the difference between f/11 and f/16 is significant (a single f-stop makes a large difference the closer the photographer becomes to the subject).

A lens' focal also effects depth of field. A wide-angle lens at f/16 pictures depth entirely differently than a telephoto lens at f/16. The Spiderplant bloom was photographed with an 80-200mm lens (set at 200mm) specifically because it gives working distance from the subject and has an excellent macro reproduction. This lens paired with a Nikon pk-12 extension tube gives a 1:2 magnification ratio, meaning the object is recorded at half its life size. (1:4 ratio would grant a quarter of life size magnification and 1:1 would be life size). Beginning with a slightly telephoto lens is helpful when you want to have more of a dramatic effect from one aperture to the next when photographing your macro world. There are other tools out there that increase magnification, but approaching apertures with a desire for mastery is an excellent way to improve your macro image making.



Not only is Camren Photographic an authorized Canon dealer, we now have replaced one of our EOS 5D cameras with two EOS 5D Mark II cameras, bringing our available rental 5D Mark II total to three. This camera has been super-popular mostly due to its video feature and high resolution. The camera rents for $125.00 per 24 hour period and retails for $2607.00. The cameras are still under purchase allocation, but production and releasion from Canon is be freeing up. If you are interested in making a reservation, don't hesitate to call. If you are interested in purchasing a camera body, contact Thomas at 303.698.1797, extension 10.

Click here to visit Canon's dedicated 5D Mark II page.

*Also note the News Byte below regarding an upcoming firmware update to the EOS 5D Mark II.

Photo In the News

!VIVAFILM! The online magazine version of PDN is celebrating the life of film photography. If you are a film photographer, click the following link: Open letter to film photographers.

Benjamen Chinn, noteworthy Asian-American and San Francisco based photographer, passed away April 25th at the age of 87. His acclaim surfaced during the 1930s through 50s because of his documentary work of San Fransisco's Chinatown. Click here for information.

Nikon announces a 10-24mm ultra wide angle DX series lens with an aperture of f/3.5-4.5. With higher resolution cameras, wide angle photography just got easier. Click here for more details.

Canon announces a soon to be released update to the EOS 5D Mark II firmware that will allow manual control of the video capabilites of the camera. Currently, only automatic video mode is available on this V-SLR. Tentative relase date: June 2nd. Click here for more details.

Derrik Story illustrates a smart stabilization tool for the V-SLR using parts a professional photographer probably already owns. Click here for more details.

Annenberg Space for Photography opened March 27th in Los Angeles. Read the review by PDN: Click here for more details.

Polaroid auction finishes with a pair of companies declared the winner, o winners, with a collective bid of $85.9 million dollar. Click here for more info.

Sigma announces DP2, the follow up to the DP1, which uses a Foveon X3 sensor, a 24mm standard lens, and many other unique and attractive characteristics. Click here for info.

Olympus launches 90th anniversary with Olympus Space Project. This project has been created to raise awareness to protect the Earth. The Olympus E-3 will be on the next space shuttle Discovery mission to the International Space Station. Dr. Koichi Wakata, of Japan, will gather images of the Earth throughout his three-month mission. Click here for info.

Samsung unveils 10 megapixel camera-phone, in Korea, called The Memoir. Click here for product info.

Ray Flash is a distinctive ring flash alternative, both by design and expense. Click here for more info.

Xbox working on a 3D camera.... Click here for info.

Ridata designs solar chargers that are glass free so that temperature changes will not affect charging. Visit here for more information.

Polaroid sold at auction for $59.3 Million, but Judge reopens bidding... click here for the drama.

Equipment Showcase

Fujifilm Finepix S5 PRO


12.34 Megapixel w/ Super CCD $999.99

Includes AC-Adapter, Pantone/Huey monitor calibrator, and 30 Day Parts and Labor Warranty

Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 XR DI

Like new with box, lens hood,

and lens caps.



Wein Pro Sync

Infra-red Transmitter and Receiver set

w/ house-hold input on Recieiver

& hot-shoe on Transmitter




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